Fan Club Info

Send a self addressed stamped envelope with .80 cents (US) postage to the following address:

Ozzy Osbourne Appreciaton Society

P.O. Box 15397

Beverly Hills, CA 90209

You will receive an 8x10 autographed picture of Ozzy, signed by himself personally. If you would like to submit a tape of your band in the hopes that you can be part of Ozzy's new record label, Ozz- Records, use the same address above.

You may also e-mail Ozzy's fan club at: WorldOfOzz@AOL.COM

For the latest Ozzy merchandise informnation, send a SASE legal sized envelope (foreign letters include IRC coupon) to:

Ozzy Osbourne

c/o Rock Express

P.O. Box 59

San Francisco, CA 94101