Song Definitions

MIRACLE MAN: The hypocrasy of preacher Jimmy Swaggart who put Ozzy down but then fell from glory himself when caught with a prostitute.

MY LITTLE MAN: A song Ozzy wrote for his son Jack, it sounds like it is a last goodbye to his son.

KILLER OF GIANTS: A song about man and nuclear missles and how, if we keep up this mad rush to have the bigger weapon, we will obliterate ourselves.

PERRY MASON: Perry Mason defending a man accused of killing someone. The original idea had nothing to do with Perry Mason, it was just a title Ozzy wrote down.

GOODBYE TO ROMANCE: Ozzy's days with Sabbath, now dead and gone, and was his way of saying goodbye to them.

CRAZY BABIES: Babies who are the result of crack cocaine mothers.

SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE: A song about death. Written after Sam Kinnison died in a traffic accident and Steve Marriott of Humble Pie died as well.

SUICIDE SOLUTION: The dangers of alcohol.

ROAD TO NOWHERE: A retrospective look at Ozzy's life.

SO TIRED: A soft ballad and easy listener about a woman who is cheating on her lover and it is time for them to part.

DEMON ALCOHOL: Basically the same as Suicide Solution. The dangers of drinking.

BLOODBATH IN PARADISE: Charles Manson and his following, the Tate and LaBianca murders.

YOU'RE NO DIFFERENT: People who put down Ozzy, take a look at yourself before judging others.

BARK AT THE MOON: A creature scorned and buried alive. The creature comes back to seek revenge on them.

MR. TINKERTRAIN: The problem of child molestation in our society.

MR. CROWLEY: Ozzy had heard about Mr. Crowley and wanted to know what he was all about. The song is Ozzy asking Mr. Crowley who he is.

NO BONE MOVIES: pornography.

FLYING HIGH AGAIN: A song about drugs.

FAIRIES WEAR BOOTS: Written about skinheads who wear boots. This came after the Sabs were beaten up by skinheads.